we #dontbully

#EIKIUSITA-campaign started in motorsport-related Facebook group, at a discussion thread started by a link about school bullying. #EIKIUSITA-campaign’s deep idea is to tell that we,  car- and motorsporters oppose school bullying and all other sorts of bullying as well. The thought that started at discussion thread then started to develop in a fertile soil fast and here we are, at full speed.

We made a Facebook-page for #EIKIUSITA-campaign  that gathered over 500 likes from Facebook users during the first 24 hours – and more coming all the time.  At the moment there are over 3000 likes.

The essential thing is that you can spot #EIKIUSITA-symbol from racecars at different motorsport events. Then you take a picture of a racecar with the symbol on it and publish it on #EIKIUSITA Facebook page. The more likes and racecar pictures our campaign gathers, the greater the voice gets that we tell that we don’t bully.

Amongst picture publishers we draw t-shirts that have been donated to the campaign and at the folkrace-cruise at autumn we will award the finest racecar – or even couple –  that has self-made #EIKIUSITA-symbol on it. You can make #EIKIUSITA –symbol by yourself. #EIKIUSITA-stickers have also been received and sent within possibilities for example to contestants at Future Cup and contestants at rally and rallysprint.

From Paitashop you can order textile products with #EIKIUSITA-logo, using discount code #EIKIUSITA you get 20% discount.

Distinctive for motorsports, this idea has grown so fast that more competitions will come that join our campaign. This is yet again one important addition to our beloved and rewarding voluntary work.

As the campaign proceeds, we will actively update information to #EIKIUSITA- Facebook page. This campaign has been taken forwards with voluntary force, most actively by the ideas mother Sanna Simontaival from Oulu. The stickers have been sponsored by Xmeal Hampurilaisravintolat, Tekopaikka Suomi Oy and Tammerkosken Teollisuus Oy.

We also co-operate with Kavereina kivempaa-campaign from which our idea got the first spark.